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Counting down to our first visit to Adelaide

SMS or email preferred prior to phone call in order arrange a discrete time that works for both of us.
0409 286 779

[email protected]
[email protected]

Upon arrival you will be welcomed into a 5-star room and I will be wearing very little clothing to start our time together innocently sexy, with the intention of a much less innocent, and much more erotic encounter. Let your fantasy become a reality and lose yourself in an erotic threesome (or foursome for you sexy couples out there).

Feel free to contact anytime so we can answer your questions (don't hold back - we've heard them all and do not get offended easily). We would love to discuss how to make this your ultimate sexually-stimulating experience.

I look forward to hearing from all of you! This will be an amazing few days. XOXO

About us…

As they say, “two’s company, and three’s a crowd.” Which is precisely why our philosophy isn’t based on what most say. Andy Warhol said it much better with the clever rebuttal, “one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.” Allow us to provide a sexy and indulgent experience, catering to not only your erotic threesome dream, but any other sensually explicit desires you’re wiling to share. Warhol may have stopped at three, but as far as we’re concerned, the more seductive and curious companions, the better.

About her…

Modestly confident and dangerously curious, she is bound to make you feel comfortable as you begin your sexy escapade. University educated with a variety of interests and a love of good conversation over a glass of wine, this seemingly good-girl will show you a much different side in the bedroom. Adventurous and easily aroused, the 26 year-old American beauty just doesn’t have a limit and is exactly what you need to make your next alluring fantasy a stimulating and sexy reality.

About him…

His confidence will put you at ease, and with clever and witty conversation to lighten the mood before the party, any tension will be immediately relieved. A true English gentlemen with a naturally relaxed nature, a variety of interests allows for easy conversation – anything from politics, to science, to the latest football match, and he can talk for hours. Rest assured, the chatting won’t happen for long, as the real party begins in the bedroom. Whether he is an innocent bystander, lightly involved, or the main show, his presence is sure to be one of the highlights of your next threesome dream.

Sexy & Sensual Service

- Spit roasting
- Full Oil Massage
- Mutual Masturbation
- Mutual Natural Oral
- Rimming (on me)
- Sex Toys

Dirty & Debauched Service

This is less about a list of extra services and more about specific fantasies. As a couple escort we can offer experiences that other escorts have to avoid for safety reasons. With the protection of having a partner in the room, we can allow for more uninhibited experimental play in order to fulfill the kinkiest of fantasies. See the list below and see our website for further explanations of each individual experience.

- All of sexy plus....
- Light bondage
- Light spanking
- *Cheating-wife experience
- *Stranger experience
- Cream pie experience
- *Limited bi experience
- Double Vaginal Penetration

*Cheating-wife experience

You now have the opportunity to enjoy Her company alone while He waits downstairs in the hotel bar. Imagine meeting us both for a quick drink before taking the hand of His wife and leading Her to your room for a hour of private fun. He will wait patiently until she returns, dishevelled and satisfied, to take Her home.

Living out the fantasy of taking another man's wife with His knowledge is something some of our clients have requested many times and is now something we can offer to suitable gentlemen.

*Stranger Experience

The scene will be set before your arrival to allow for a genuine stranger experience. Blindfolded and tied up, he will let you in the room and the rest is up to you. The authenticity eliminates any need for your imagination as the experience is sincere. I will have no idea who you are, or what you look like, until you would like to remove the blindfold. This means you can touch her, kiss her, and be inside her before she even see you. As she is am naturally submissive, if this experience is a fantasy of yours, you will not be disappointed.

*Limited Bi Experience

Although he is straight, he is open to a limited bi experience. To clarify, sex is not an option, but he is open to mutual oral and kissing. If you’d like to discuss this with either of us further, please enquire.


Whether newbies looking for an ideal first time, or seasoned swingers ready for new playmates, our service caters to all interested couples. For first timers considering a foursome, there are many things to consider to ensure a positive, sexy, amazing, and pleasurable experience. The benefit of embarking on our alluring foursome experience is that the questions and worries regarding the vulnerable experience of opening up your deepest desires are eliminated. A comfortable, open, and sexy environment is key and our experience will take focus away from the stress of a new situation and allow for you and your partner to pay extra attention to fulfilling your most tempting fantasies. Allow yourself to drop your guard, show off your sexual talent, demand certain fantasies are fulfilled, and feel pleasure like never before.


Sexy & Sensual
1 Hour: $600
2 Hours: $1100
3 Hours: $1500

Dirty & Debauched
1 Hour: $750
2 Hours: $1350
3 Hours: $1900

Couples (must be genuine couples):
Please use pricing for dirty & debauched

Her SWA9595 XE
Him SWA9731 XE
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